On April 17, 2020, Governor Reynolds announced that all Iowa school building shall be closed for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19.

DoE Wright Report Card

The state is now providing an additional source of information with the release of the Iowa School Report Card. This is a new web-based tool that provides a snapshot of every Iowa public school’s performance on certain educational measures, such as student attendance and proficiency rates.

The goal of the Iowa School Report Card is to present certain education data in a way that makes it easier for the public to find and understand. The Iowa Department of Education developed this tool in response to a 2013 legislative requirement (House File 215).

Specifically, the Iowa School Report Card scores schools on up to eight educational measures and then assigns an overall rating to each school based on its performance on the measures. The attached guide provides an explanation of the eight measures. Our school’s overall rating is Acceptable.

While I believe this information can add to conversations in our community about how we’re preparing our students for success, these measures are based on data from a single assessment. In the Cedar Rapids Community School District we use multiple assessments with students on an ongoing basis. As we know from other accountability initiatives such as the federal No Child Left Behind Act, schools are so much more than labels. Labels and ratings do not tell the whole story.

While I encourage you to explore the information provided in the Iowa School Report Card, I also urge you to get to know the school behind the label.

At Wright School we are:

  • Providing small group work in math and reading in each classroom
  • Enrichment groups specifically targeting student’s individual needs academically
  • Professional Development for staff on various academic and behavioral strategies

I encourage you to ask questions about our improvement efforts, and ask what you can do to support our teachers and students.

You can locate our school’s results, as well as more information about the Iowa School Report Card, on the District website at Several support materials have been posted with the report to help you navigate and understand the information. You can also find the report at

Thanks for all you do for our school.


Brian F. Krob

DoE Report Guide available here

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